Oct 1, 2017 — New reports available

Web Performance has published a set of new Reports with an improved user experience. These reports are available under Monitor > Reporting (Beta) for customers with the associated services. Details below.

Highlights of the new reporting experience include:

  • A new, consolidated “Reporting (Beta)” menu item under Monitor instead of a different menu item for each report.

  • Flexibility to make CP Codes / Traffic Segments selections now offer auto-complete search along with multi-select and multi-deselect capabilities. Your previous filter selections are remembered and applied each time you log in, by report.

  • Date/time selection that is paired with specific data granularities and time zones.

    • Five-minute data granularity for one-day ranges with all time zones.
    • One-hour data granularity for one-week ranges with all one-hour time zones.
    • One-day data granularity for one-month/year ranges with UTC 00:00 (GMT).
  • The ability to schedule whole reports, rather than a single widget at a time. “Image” or CSV outputs are available.

  • Help now contains information on how to use filters, date/time options, and other new features, along with concise explanations of each report’s content.

  • Reports that request a large number of objects and/or days of data prompt you to “Schedule Report” or allow you to “Run Anyway”.