Nov 16, 2020 — GCP Cloud Interconnects Beta

Details below on this beta release.

New features:

  • Cloud Interconnects. A new Property Manager behavior that lets you maximize egress discounts for Google Cloud origins. It’s available through the beta channel for Ion Standard, Ion Premier, and DSA.

  • New report (Cloud Interconnects) under Traffic reports. It lets you check value confirmation for the utilization of Cloud Interconnects. A new report isn’t yet universally available in the beta phase. Contact with the following information to set it up:

    • Property Manager account/property name
    • List of CP codes that have Cloud Interconnect enabled
    • List of Google origin server domains (or IP addresses) that have Cloud Interconnect enabled

If the rule format for a property is set prior to 2020–11–02, update it to the latest version to access Cloud Interconnects. See Freeze a rule tree’s feature set for more information.