Mar 5, 2019 — New reports available

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve your reporting experience, we’re pleased to announce that the following traffic reports are now available in Control Center. Details below.

  • Traffic
  • Traffic by Geography
  • Traffic by Browser & OS
  • URL Traffic
  • URL Responses
  • Unique Visitors
  • Daily Unique Visitors
  • Page Views

You can access the reports through Monitor > Reporting in Control Center and under ‘Traffic Reports’ in the new Control Center.

These new reports offer a modern and personalized interface into your most important metrics and KPI’s for your delivery products. All of these reports also go paired with RESTful API access, the endpoints for which were announced in a separate release note on 24 January.

To provide better consistency between the data provided via Control Center and our RESTful API and Scheduled Reports interfaces, we’re introducing some changes to the format and composition of the data sent as part of your existing Recurring Reports. Please refer to the Scheduled Report Migration announcement for details.