Apr 29, 2020 — Reports update

We are glad to announce that based on our user feedback, we are introducing a number of improvements to our reporting interface. Details below.

Download CSV
We’re making it easier to download datasets in CSV format by clicking the “Export CSV” icon, which you can find next to most widgets. This will download the data directly to your browser.

Sharing filter settings
We are allowing filter settings like CP codes and date ranges to be embedded in the URL.

API guidance
We’re introducing a new “API calls” icon for most report widgets available for users with API access. This icon opens a modal that shows the exact API call you can use to fetch the report data that you’re seeing in the UI. We also provide a link to the relevant API documentation for more guidance, making it even easier to start integrating with our API’s.

KPI units of measure
We’ve been using scientific prefixes in some of our KPI’s, which has led to confusion in some cases (most notable, we’ve used ‘G’ for ‘Giga’, that is billion). We are switching to using the full units spelled out where possible (for example, “billion”), and will be using editorial abbreviations (for example “B”) where needed. Volumetric units like “Gigabyte” will continue to be abbreviated as current (that is “GB”).