Activate-BulkPropertiesActivates multiple properties on a network.
Activate-PropertyActivates a property on a network.
Activate-PropertyIncludeActivates an include on a network.
Add-PropertyHostnamesAdds hostnames to a property.
Deactivate-PropertyDeactivates a property.
Deactivate-PropertyIncludeDeactivates an include.
Find-PropertyFind a property or include by its name, hostname, or edge hostname.
Get-AccountIDGets an account ID.
Get-BulkSearchResultsGets the results of a bulk search request.
Get-CustomBehaviorGets details for a custom behavior.
Get-GroupGets details for a group.
Get-GroupByNameGets group details by name.
Get-LatestVersionOfPropertyGets the latest version of a property.
Get-PapiClientSettingsGets the Property API settings of your API client.
Get-PapiCPCodeGets a CP code by its ID.
Get-PapiEdgeHostnameGets an edge hostname by its ID.
Get-PropertyGets details about a property by name or ID.
Get-PropertyActivationGets a property activation by ID.
Get-PropertyIncludeGets a property include by name or ID.
Get-PropertyIncludeActivationGets a property include activation by ID .
Get-PropertyIncludeRuleTemplatesGets the rules for an include broken out into multiple JSON files.
Get-PropertyIncludeRuleTreeGets the rules for an include as a PowerShell object or in single JSON file.
Get-PropertyIncludeVersionGets details for a given include version.
Get-PropertyRuleTemplatesGets the rules of a property broken out into multiple JSON files.
Get-PropertyRuleTreeGets the rules for a property as a PowerShell object or in single JSON file.
Get-PropertyTemplatesGets a property's templates.
Get-PropertyVersionGets details about a given property version.
Get-RuleFormatSchemaGets a given rule format schema.
List-AllPropertiesGets all properties for an account.
List-BulkActivatedPropertiesGets all properties activated in bulk by a bulk activation ID.
List-BulkPatchedPropertiesGets all properties patched in bulk by a bulk patch ID.
List-BulkVersionedPropertiesGets all properties versioned in bulk by a bulk version ID.
List-CustomBehaviorsGets all custom behaviors for an account.
List-GroupsGets all groups for an account.
List-PapiContractsGets all contracts for an account.
List-PapiCPCodesGets all CP codes for a given contract and group pair.
List-PapiEdgeHostnamesGets all edge hostnames for a given contract and group pair.
List-ProductsGets all available products for an account.
List-PropertiesGets all properties for a given contract and group pair.
List-PropertyActivationsGets all activations for a given property.
List-PropertyHostnamesGets all hostnames for a given property.
List-PropertyIncludeActivationsGets all activations for a given include.
List-PropertyIncludesGets all includes for a given contract and group pair.
List-PropertyIncludeVersionsGets all versions of a given property include.
List-PropertyVersionsGets all versions of a given property.
List-RuleFormatsGets all available rule formats.
List-TopLevelGroupsGets all groups without a parent group.
Merge-PropertyRuleTemplatesCombines JSON template files into a single PowerShell object or JSON file.
New-BulkActivationCreates a bulk activation request.
New-BulkPatchCreates a bulk patch request.
New-BulkSearchCreates a bulk search request.
New-BulkVersionCreates a bulk version request.
New-CPCodeCreates a CP code.
New-EdgeHostnameCreates an edge hostname.
New-PropertyCreates a property.
New-PropertyIncludeCreates an include.
New-PropertyIncludeVersionCreates a new include version.
New-PropertyVersionCreates a new property version.
Remove-PropertyDeletes a property.
Remove-PropertyHostnamesDeletes a hostname from a property.
Remove-PropertyIncludeDeletes an include from a property.
Set-PAPIClientSettingsUpdates Property API settings for your API client.
Set-PropertyHostnamesUpdates property hostnames.
Set-PropertyIncludeRuleTemplatesUpdates include rule templates.
Set-PropertyIncludeRuleTreeUpdates an include's rule tree.
Set-PropertyRuleTemplatesUpdates property rule templates.
Set-PropertyRuleTreeUpdates a property's rule tree.