Find-LDSLogFormatFind a log format.
Get-LDSContactGets a contact.
Get-LDSDeliveryFrequencyGets a delivery frequency.
Get-LDSDeliveryThresholdGets a log delivery threshold.
Get-LDSLogConfigurationGets a log delivery configuration
Get-LDSLogEncodingGets a log encoding.
Get-LDSLogFormatGets a log format.
Get-LDSLogRedeliveryGets a log redelivery request.
Get-LDSLogSourceGets a log source of a given logSourceType type and logSourceId.
Get-LDSMessageSizeGets a message size.
List-LDSContactsGets all contacts to which you have access.
List-LDSDeliveryFrequenciesGets all available delivery frequencies, each with an id and descriptive value.
List-LDSDeliveryThresholdsGets all available log delivery thresholds, each with an ID and descriptive value.
List-LDSLogConfigurationsGets all log delivery configurations of a given logSourceType.
List-LDSLogConfigurationsByTypeGets all available log formats for the specified logSourceType type.
List-LDSLogConfigurationsForIDGets all log configurations of given logSourceType and logSourceId.
List-LDSLogEncodingsGets all allowable log encodings.
List-LDSLogFormatsGets all allowable log formats.
List-LDSLogFormatsByTypeGets all available log formats for the specified logSourceType type
List-LDSLogRedeliveriesGets all requests to redeliver logs.
List-LDSLogSourcesGets all log sources (logSourceType) and log source ID (logSourceId) to which the user has access.
List-LDSLogSourcesByTypeGets all log sources of the specified logSourceType, one of cpcode-products, gtm-properties, edns-zones, or answerx-objects.
List-LDSMessageSizesGets all available message sizes, each with an id and descriptive value.
New-LDSLogConfigurationCreates new log configuration.
New-LDSLogRedeliveryCreates a new request to resend a log.
Remove-LDSLogConfigurationDeletes a log delivery configuration.
Resume-LDSLogConfigurationResumes log delivery for a configuration.
Set-LDSLogConfigurationUpdates a log delivery.
Suspend-LDSLogConfigurationSuspends log delivery for a configuration.