Get-ImageManagerImageGets a specific image.
Get-ImageManagerImageCollectionGets the values for the image collection you specify.
Get-ImageManagerImageCollectionHistoryGets a history of a specific image collection and all updates to it over the last three months.
Get-ImageManagerPolicyGets a specific policy for the given policy set.
Get-ImageManagerPolicyHistoryGets policy history by policy ID.
List-ImageManagerImageCollectionsGets all image collections unless you set a limit.
List-ImageManagerImagesGets all of a policy's images.
List-ImageManagerPoliciesGets all policies belonging to the given policy set.
New-ImageManagerPolicyCreates a new policy.
Remove-ImageManagerImageCollectionDeletes a specific image collection.
Remove-ImageManagerPolicyDeletes a specific policy.
Rollback-ImageManagerPolicyReverts to a previous policy version and deploys it to the network.
Set-ImageManagerPolicyUpdates a specific policy.