Get-IDMClientByAccessTokenGets an API client by passing the client's token in the request.
Get-IDMGroupGets details about a group.
Get-IDMPropertyGets details about a property.
Get-IDMRoleGets details about a role.
Get-IDMUserGets details about a user.
Get-IDMUserProfileGets a user's profile.
List-IDMAccountSwitchKeysGets all the account switch keys and account names you can access based on your permissions.
List-IDMGrantableRolesGets all the grantable roles you can include in a new custom role or add to an existing custom role.
List-IDMGroupMoveAffectedUsersGets all users who would be affected by the move of a group. Users may lose or gain access to resources depending on the roles and permissions inherited from the new parent group.
List-IDMGroupsGets all groups for the current account and contract type.
List-IDMPropertiesGets all properties for an account.
List-IDMPropertyResourcesGets all resources a property uses.
List-IDMRolesGets all the roles for the current account and contract type.
List-IDMUsersGets all users who have access on an account.
List-IDMUsersForPropertyGets all users who can access a property.
New-IDMGroupCreates a new group.
New-IDMRoleCreates a custom role.
New-IDMUserCreates a new user.
Remove-IDMGroupDeletes a group and its sub-group(s).
Set-IDMGroupNameUpdates a group's name.
Set-IDMPropertyMoves a property from one group to another group.
Set-IDMUserAuthGrantsUpdates the groups a user has access to and how the user interacts with the objects in those groups.