Activate-EdgeWorkerActivates an EdgeWorker.
Copy-EdgeWorkerClone an EdgeWorker.
Deactivate-EdgeWorkerDeactivates an EdgeWorker.
Get-EdgeWorkerGets details for an EdgeWorker.
Get-EdgeWorkerActivationGets details for an activation.
Get-EdgeWorkerAuthTokenGets a JWT authentication token to enable enhanced debug headers for EdgeWorkers.
Get-EdgeWorkerCodeBundleGets an EdgeWorker's code bundle.
Get-EdgeWorkerDeactivationGets details for a deactivation.
Get-EdgeWorkerGroupGets capability details for an EdgeWorker's group
Get-EdgeWorkerReportGets details for an EdgeWorker.
Get-EdgeWorkerResourceTierGets resource tier details for an EdgeWorker.
Get-EdgeWorkerVersionGets details for an EdgeWorker version.
List-EdgeWorkerActivationsGets all activations for an existing EdgeWorker.
List-EdgeWorkerContractsGets all contract IDs you can use to list resource tiers.
List-EdgeWorkerDeactivationsGets all deactivations for an existing EdgeWorker.
List-EdgeWorkerGroupsGets all groups and associated permission capabilities.
List-EdgeWorkerLimitsGets all limits EdgeWorkers imposes on the number of activations, EdgeWorkers IDs, and versions you can deploy.
List-EdgeWorkerPropertiesGets all properties using an existing EdgeWorker ID.
List-EdgeWorkerReportsGets all available EdgeWorker reports.
List-EdgeWorkerResourceTiersGets all EdgeWorker resource tiers.
List-EdgeWorkersGets all EdgeWorkers.
List-EdgeWorkerVersionsGets all EdgeWorker versions.
New-EdgeWorkerCreates a new EdgeWorker.
New-EdgeWorkerAuthTokenCreates a JWT authentication token to enable enhanced debug headers for EdgeWorkers.
New-EdgeWorkerVersionCreates a new EdgeWorker version.
Remove-EdgeWorkerDeletes an EdgeWorker ID.
Remove-EdgeWorkerActivationDeletes a pending activation.
Remove-EdgeWorkerVersionDeletes an EdgeWorker version.
Set-EdgeWorkerUpdates the name or group ID of an existing EdgeWorker.
Undo-EdgeWorkerActivationReverts to a previous EdgeWorker version and deploys it to the network.
Validate-EdgeWorkerCodeBundleValidates your code bundle. Bundle is passed as a GZIP binary file.