Get-EdgeKVAccessTokenGets a previously created EdgeKV access token.
Get-EdgeKVGroupGets details about permissions available within a given access group.
Get-EdgeKVInitializationStatusGets the status of an EdgeKV initialization.
Get-EdgeKVItemGets an EdgeKV item.
Get-EdgeKVNamespaceGets details about an EdgeKV namespace.
Initialize-EdgeKVInitializes EdgeKV service. This creates your default EdgeKV namespace on both the staging and production networks.
List-EdgeKVAccessTokensGets all EdgeKV access tokens.
List-EdgeKVGroupsGets all EdgeKV groups.
List-EdgeKVItemsGets all EdgeKV items.
List-EdgeKVNamespacesGets all EdgeKV namespaces.
Move-EdgeKVNamespaceUpdates the group assignment for an existing namespace.
New-EdgeKVAccessTokenCreates a new Edge KV access token.
New-EdgeKVItemCreates a new Edge KV item.
New-EdgeKVNamespaceCreates a new EdgeKV namespace.
Remove-EdgeKVAccessTokenDeletes an EdgeKV access token.
Remove-EdgeKVItemDeletes an EdgeKV item.
Set-EdgeKVNamespaceUpdates the retention period for any existing namespace other than the default namespace. It can take up to five minutes for a new retention policy to apply.
Update-EdgeKVNamespaceUpdates the group assignment for an existing namespace.