Get-BulkZoneDeleteResultGets the results from a completed delete request.
Get-BulkZoneDeleteStatusGets the current status of a running or completed delete request.
Get-MasterZoneFileGets a zone's record set data.
Get-RecordSetGets a record set for a given zone, record name, and record type.
Get-RecordSetTypesGets the existing record set types for a given domain name.
Get-ZoneGets details about a zone.
Get-ZoneAliasesGets a zone's aliases.
Get-ZoneContractGets data about the contract to which a given zone belongs.
Get-ZoneDNSSecStatusGets the current DNSSEC status for one or more zones.
Get-ZoneRecordSetNamesGets record set names for a given DNS zone.
Get-ZoneRecordSetsGets record sets for a given DNS zone.
Get-ZoneTransferStatusGets the results of the most recent zone transfer attempts for one or more zones.
List-RecordSetsGets all record sets for a given DNS zone.
List-TSIGKeysGets all TSIG keys.
List-ZonesGets all DNS zones.
New-BulkZoneDeleteRequestCreates a new request to delete one or more new Zones asynchronously.
New-MultipleRecordSetsCreates multiple new record sets.
New-RecordSetCreates a new record set.
New-ZoneCreates a new DNS zone
Remove-RecordSetDeletes an existing record set.
Set-MasterZoneFileUpdates a record set.
Set-MultipleRecordSetsReplaces a list of record sets.
Set-RecordSetReplaces a record set.
Set-ZoneUpdates a DNS zone.