Find-IPAddressGets the geolocation data of an IP's network.
Get-DiagnosticGroupDataGets the collected diagnostic data for a specific group.
Get-DiagnosticLinkGets a link to review diagnostic data.
Get-EdgeErrorStatisticsGets the HTTP status codes distribution statistics
Get-EdgeLogsGets logs for given query parameters.
Get-ErrorTranslationGets the status of an asynchronous translate error string request.
Get-MetadataTraceGets the status of an asynchronous request to trace metadata for a URL.
Get-URLTranslationGets basic information about a specific hostname or domain name, such as typecode, origin server, CP code, serial number, and TTL.
List-DiagnosticsGroupsGets all groups created to collect diagnostic data and their details.
List-EdgeLocationsGets all active available edge server locations.
List-IPAccelerationHostnamesGets all IP acceleration (IPA) hostnames you have access to and generates a diagnostic link to collect diagnostic data.
New-EdgeCurlCreates a request for content using a curl command to provide the raw HTML for a URL, including request headers.
New-EdgeDigCreates a request for DNS details for the location of an edge server, a hostname or a domain name, or a GTM hostname
New-EdgeMTRStarts a new MTR investigation between an edge server IP, location, or Site Shield map and a remote destination
New-ErrorTranslationCreates an asynchronous request to get the summary and logs for an error with a specific reference code.
New-MetadataTraceCreates an asynchronous request to trace metadata for a URL.
Test-EdgeIPVerifies if an IP belongs to an edge server.