Get-GTMDomainGets details for a given domain.
Get-GTMDomainASMapGets details for an AS map for a given map and domain pair.
Get-GTMDomainCurrentStatusGets the current change conditions of a domain's activation.
Get-GTMDomainDatacenterGets data center details for a given data center and domain.
Get-GTMDomainGeoMapGets geographic map details for a given map and domain pair.
Get-GTMDomainPropertyGets property details for a given property and domain pair.
Get-GTMDomainResourceGets resource details for a given resource and domain pair.
List-GTMDomainASMapsGets all AS maps for a given domain.
List-GTMDomainDatacentersGets all data centers for a given domain.
List-GTMDomainGeoMapsGets all geographic maps for a given domain.
List-GTMDomainPropertiesGets all properties for a given domain.
List-GTMDomainResourcesGets all resources created for a given domain.
List-GTMDomainsGets all domains for a given contract.
New-GTMDefaultDatacenterCreates a default data center with map-type properties CIDRGeographic or AS mapping.
New-GTMDomainCreates a new domain.
Remove-GTMDomainASMapDeletes a domain AS map.
Remove-GTMDomainDatacenterDeletes a domain data center.
Remove-GTMDomainGeoMapDeletes a domain geographic map
Remove-GTMDomainPropertyDeletes a domain property.
Remove-GTMDomainResourceDeletes a domain resource.
Set-GTMDomainASMapUpdates a domain AS map.
Set-GTMDomainDatacenterUpdates a domain data center.
Set-GTMDomainGeoMapUpdates a domain geographic map.
Set-GTMDomainPropertyUpdates a domain property.
Set-GTMDomainResourceUpdates a domain resource.