Generate-APIKeyReportGenerates a JSON formatted report on a rapid key by either quota or time.
Get-APIKeyGets details about a given key.
Get-ApiKeyCollectionGets details about a given key collection.
Get-APIThrottlingCounterGets details about a given throttling counter.
Import-APIKeyImports keys from a CSV, XML, or JSON file to a collection.
List-APIKeyCollectionEndpointsGets all of a collection's endpoints for a given contract and group pair.
List-ApiKeyCollectionsGets all key collections for a given contract and group pair.
List-APIKeysGets all keys included in a collection based on given criteria.
List-APITagsGets all tags for a key or collection of keys.
List-APIThrottlingCounterEndpointsGets all endpoints for a contract and group pair.
List-APIThrottlingCounterKeysGets all throttling counter keys for a contract and group pair.
List-APIThrottlingCountersGets all throttling counters for a contract and group pair.
Move-APIKeysMoves keys from one collection to another.
New-APIKeyCreates a new key.
New-ApiKeyCollectionCreates a new key collection.
New-APIKeysCreates a collection of keys with assigned values.
New-APIThrottlingCounterCreates a new throttling counter.
Remove-APIKeyCollectionDeletes a collection's keys.
Remove-APIThrottlingCounterDeletes a throttling counter.
Reset-APIKeyQuotaResets the quota limit for selected keys.
Restore-APIKeyRestores previously revoked keys.
Revoke-APIKeyRevokes keys in a collection.
Set-APIKeyUpdates information about a key.
Set-APIKeyCollectionUpdates the name and description of a collection.
Set-ApiKeyCollectionACLUpdates a collection's access control list.
Set-APIKeyCollectionQuotaUpdates a collection's quota settings.
Set-APIThrottlingCounterUpdates a throttling counter.