Oct 10, 2022 — New features and bug fixes

Release 1.766

New Features

  • EventTiming: Interaction to Next Paint (INP) support
  • Continuity: Add supporting data for LCP and CLS
  • ResourceTiming: Add nextHopProtocol to resource timing data
  • Boomerang: Don't listen for beforeunload if pagehide is supported; Added no_unload option
  • Boomerang: Support collecting High Entropy Client Hints
  • SPA: Include timing data in spa_init and spa_navigation events
  • Boomerang: Support for User Agent Deprecation, read navigator.userAgentData and avoid navigator.userAgent and navigator.platform

Bug Fixes

  • ResourceTiming: Don't add data to Unload beacons. Memory: Only add data to Page Load beacons.
  • Continuity: Disable Page Busy polling for Firefox
  • PaintTiming: Only include pt.lcp.src and pt.lcp.el on the pt.lcp beacon
  • EventTiming: Ensure timestamps and durations are rounded to nearest ms
  • EventTiming: Add additional serialized event mappings
  • EventTiming: interactionToNextPaint() API should return the latest
  • Continuity: Don't add c.cls.d or c.cls.topid if there were no CLS
  • RT: Don't update cookie on beacon_url change


  • Tests: Fix many Docker failures, Remove PhantomJS, fix Dockerfiles
  • BOOMR_config: Simplify override list to true if everything is allowed
  • Build: Strip BOOMR.info, .warn, .error on production builds
  • Docs: Memory's dev.mem