Sep 11, 2019 — Breaking changes and bug fixes

Release 1.681.0

Breaking Changes

  • This version includes a refactoring of Boomerang’s Single Page App (SPA) monitoring, called “History v2”. Previous versions of SPA monitoring included separate plugins for each supported framework, such as AngularJS, Backbone.js, Ember.js and React. History v2 still supports all of those frameworks, but no longer needs framework-specific code “hooks” for monitoring (all monitoring is done via the window.History object). Previous SPA configurations should work with History v2 with no code changes, though the old framework-specific code hooks can be removed if desired.
  • History v2 may slightly affect some SPA metrics. Known changes:
    • The start time of SPA Soft Navigations may vary by a few milliseconds compared to before History v2, as the plugin now always uses window.History change notifications instead of SPA framework events.
    • Several issues were fixed that could cause some SPA Soft Navigations never complete, or take a long time to complete.

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue 823: History SPA v2
  • Issue 1001: Continuity: Don’t track interaction times in Safari if loaded in iframe
  • Issue 998: Docs: Document,,,, rt.obo
  • Issue 997: ResTiming: Disable srcset physical dimension collection by default
  • Issue 1003: Continuity: Turn monitorStats off by default
  • Issue 994: PageParams: Fix for node with blank src for ResourceGroups
  • Issue 987: Memory: Add support for navigator.connection.saveData
  • OS Issue 197: Navigation Timing: Plugin sends twice per page
  • Issue 1005: Continuity: Don’t disable collection when API beacons are sent