Oct 24, 2018 ‚ÄĒ Features and bug fixes

Release 1.621.0

New Features:

  • Issue 885: Akamai: Changes for handling Mapping XHR request
  • Issue 890: Errors: Support Reporting API warnings
  • Issue 840: Errors: Monitor Unhandled PromiseRejectionEvents

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue 886: Errors: Allow onerror to be called with an ErrorEvent object
  • Issue 893: Continuity: Disable MutationObserver usage for monitorStats for IE11
  • Issue 887: Akamai: Leverage localStorage functionality to send Mapping XHR requests only if not sent recently
  • Issue 895: AutoXHR: Don‚Äôt track pixels or IFRAMEs that change src
  • OS Issue 206: Fallback to use XHR if data store requires auth
  • OS Issue 211: Fix getBeaconURL() error using AutoXHR plugin