Nov 3, 2020 — Breaking changes and bug fixes

Release 1.725.0

Breaking Changes

  • Boomerang will no longer send an “XHR Beacon” when an XMLHttpRequest does not result in any interesting DOM modifications (i.e. no new images, stylesheets, IFRAMEs or other XHRs were added). This change can be reverted to the previous behavior (of still sending an XHR Beacon) by setting the AutoXHR.xhrRequireChanges=false flag.

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue 1071: AutoXHR: Allow overriding the config option AutoXHR.excludeFilters
  • Issue 868: AutoXHR: Don’t send XHR beacons if there were no DOM mutations
  • Issue 1081: AutoXHR: Don’t wait on lazy-loaded images
  • Issue 1079: AutoXHR: For XHR beacons that happen before Page Load, ResourceTiming data is properly added to the XHR beacon when it is fired
  • Issue 1077: Continuity: Only add Time To Visually Ready (TTVR) to the Page Load beacon
  • Issue 1082: Errors: Avoid loop in Memory plugin for some pages
  • Issue 1087: EventTiming: Observe entries from top-level frame (e.g. for First Input Delay)
  • Issue 1073: ResourceTiming: Include the Boomerang and Config URL (for mPulse)