May 6, 2020 — Breaking changes, features, and bug fixes

Release 1.710.0

Breaking Changes

  • Errors: The monitorEvents and monitorTimeout options are now disabled by default. As a result, some cross-origin JavaScript Errors may not report the full message (and instead will only show Script Error.), and the stack will not be available. Please see the Errors plugin documentation for details on the side-effects of re-enabling those options.
  • Continuity: First Input Delay calculations have changed slightly. The plugin will now use the Event Timing plugin (if available and the browser supports it) for First Input Delay calculation. If not, mousedown, touchstart and pointerdown events are now used for First Input Delay calculations, while Scroll, Visibility and Orientation changes are not. Only cancelable events are now tracked. First Input Delay should be more accurate, though there may be less overall measurements (due to not tracking Scroll for First Input).

New Features:

  • Issue 1000: Event Timing plugin (enabled by default)
  • Issue 1044: ResourceTiming: Service Worker timing capture at resource level
  • Issue 1055: PageParams: New option jsVarPassArgs (defaults to true, current behavior) which controls whether the variable name is passed as the first argument to JavaScript-based Custom Metrics, Timers, and Dimensions
  • Issue 1022: PageParams: Fixed warning when calling getQueryParamValue() with a malformed url
  • Issue 1052: PageParams: Public rerun() function to re-calculate Custom Metrics, Timers and Dimensions on-demand
  • Issue 1049: PaintTiming: Expose Largest Contentful Paint via BOOMR.plugins.PaintTiming.metrics.lcp()

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue 1047: Continuity: Scroll Log: Trim decimals


  • Issue 1056: Docs: Include minified snippets in built documentation
  • Issue 1056: Docs: Add Header Snippets section
  • Issue 1046: Docs: Fixed reference from to c.t.longtask
  • Issue 1048: Boomerang: Document additional beacon vars


  • Issue 1054: Tests: Ensure /delay path roots requested files to wwwRoot