May 14, 2019 — Features and bug fixes

Release 1.650.0

New Features:

  • Issue 782: Boomerang Loader Snippet v12
  • Issue 966: History: Add config option to disable monitoring of replaceState

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue 969: AutoXHR: Make routeChangeWaitFilter wait_complete calls wait for other pending nodes
  • Issue 972: IFrameDelay: Listen for postMessage calls on the correct window
  • Issue 973: LOGN: Use HTTP for XDomainRequest for IE8-10 if on HTTP site


  • Issue 968: Continuity: Document events for TTFI


  • Issue 975: IFrameDelay: Force tests to load Boomerang in an IFRAME when using the snippet
  • Issue 974: Grunt: Allow specifying multiple webdriver-version