Jul 17, 2023 — Breaking changes, features, bug fixes

Release version 1.785

Breaking changes:

mPulse Boomerang now measures Back-Forward Cache (BFCache) navigations, resulting in an additional beacon for each BFCache navigation. You can stop this behavior by disabling the BFCache plugin. See the plugin for details on more configuration options.

New features:

  • Issue 1148: EventTiming: Add target to EventTiming information captured
  • Issue 1161: ResourceTiming: Add initiator types early-hints, ping, font
  • Issue 1164: BFCache: BFCache plugin added

Bug fixes:

  • Issue 1154: EventTiming: Fix 'Object.values is not a function' warning
  • Issue 1162: AutoXHR: Add support for SVGAnimatedString
  • Issue 1149: ConsentInline: Making the ConsentInline plugin compatible with Boomerang in SPA mode
  • Issue 1156: PaintTiming: Updated listeners and LCP data population conditions to handle Error & Early beacons
  • Issue 1160: Errors: Allow override and disabling of sending interval during page load for error beacon
  • Issue 1166: Boomerang: Run localStorage.removeItem in the finally block
  • Issue 1158: SPA: Ensure spa_navigation event has correct requestStart time
  • Issue 1168: PaintTiming: Disconnect LCP observer after sending LCP on Page Load
  • Issue 1152: SPA: Lint: Fix incorrectly globally exported variable


  • Issue 1147: Lint: Added new lint rules (changed tabs to spaces)
  • Issue 1150: Tests: Code coverage for unit and end-to-end tests
  • Issue 1159: Lint: Added spaced-comment rule
  • Issue 1157: Docs: Update to 1.766; Improve Continuity docs for FID
  • Issue 1163: Docs: Misc docs cleanup
  • Issue 1152: Tests: Allow-list in existing globals added per-test
  • Issue 1139: Tests: Update timing checks to be more reliable in Docker tests
  • Issue 1169: Tests: Fix test issues