Jan 29, 2020 ‚ÄĒ Breaking changes, features, and bug fixes

Release 1.700.0

Breaking Changes

  • SPA Soft Navigations that did not initiate any critical network requests used to report a very small navigation time of around 15-30ms, depending on how long it took to execute the monitoring code. Those navigations will now report a time of exactly 1ms.
  • Continuity: Time to Visually Ready (TTVR) now takes Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) into account, which may be larger than First Contentful Paint (FCP). As a result, TTVR may report higher values than before in browsers that support LCP. TTVR is the minimum bound for Time to Interactive (TTI), which may also be affected.

New Features:

  • Issue 1027: PaintTiming: Largest Contentful Paint
  • Issue 1030: Consent Inline Plugin and Docs
  • Issue 1040: Continuity: Add the ability to track Cumulative Layout Shift

Bug Fixes:

  • OS Issue 251: Add support for background image detection for c.tti.hi
  • OS Issue 261: NPM: Allow running grunt build
  • Issue 900: SPA: Only subtract SPA timeout when the timeout fires
  • Issue 1025: PageParams: Fix case where XHR is in Allowlist (match) mode and no filters were defined
  • Issue 1026: Update Snippet to have its own reference to the parentNode
  • Issue 1032: Sync with OS repo up to 1.678.0