Jan 25, 2018 — Features and bug fixes

Release 1.543.0

New Features:

  • Issue 728: Override the load end-time with BOOMR_page_ready or a param to BOOMR.page_ready()

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue 726: NavTiming: Fix nt_nav_type
  • Issue 726: Boomerang: Add timeout to requestIdleCallback in BOOMR.setImmediate
  • Issue 726: AutoXHR: fix for IMGs with changing src
  • Issue 726: NavTiming: Get msFirstPaint only from performance.timing
  • Issue 726: AutoXHR: When a SPA Hard beacon is ready but onload hasn’t fired, run after other onload handlers
  • Issue 738: Configuration for locking beacon_url to specific patterns
  • Issue 730: Compare marks/measures to performance.now mark
  • Issue 727: Navtiming: Fix nt_nav_st
  • Issue 723: CrossDomain: Disable if URL is blank or whitespace
  • Issue 722: Work around minification that breaks in IE8 and quirks mode
  • Issue 718: Errors: Wrap addEventListener at the end of the protocol chain