Feb 28, 2022 — Features and bug fixes

Release 1.746.0

New Features:

  • Issue 1108: PaintTiming: Add reporting for element and source URL for LCP
  • Issue 1113: Memory: Add support for collecting navigator.deviceMemory as dev.mem

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue 1105: PageParams: If XHR is set to match but there are no rules defined, we were monitoring XHRs still
  • Issue 1116: AutoXHR: Avoid re-wrapping XHR/fetch during config refreshes


  • Issue 1106: Tests: Allow setting --config-path from environments.json
  • Issue 1107: Loader Snippet: Reduced support for IE8, use script src instead of doc.write in IFRAME
  • Issue 1109: Misc sync with Akamai 2021 Q2 OS branch backport
  • Issue 1114: Docs: Disable deep package path publishing for jsdoc generation
  • Issue 1115: Docs: Copyright notice update