Apr 9, 2019 — Performance improvements and bug fixes

Release 1.643.0

Performance Improvements:

  • Issue 933: Performance: Boomerang Performance Tests
  • Issue 936: Performance: Strips out BOOMR.debug and related messages for production builds
  • Issue 937: Performance: Grunt: Use UglifyJS-3
  • Issue 953: Performance: ResourceTiming: Allow for non-optimal Trie to improve performance

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue 941: AutoXHR: Track uninteresting timeout per event instead of per page
  • Issue 931: AutoXHR: Cleanup listeners on observed nodes
  • Issue 947: AutoXHR: Track Fetch the same way as XHR during SPA navigations
  • Issue 946: AutoXHR: Track LINK stylesheets as interesting nodes
  • Issue 943: AutoXHR: Add XHRs to pending events at send instead of load finished
  • Issue 947: AutoXHR: Include Fetch requests in SPA backend time
  • Issue 949: AutoXHR: Allow config overrides for SPA and XHR idle wait timeouts
  • Issue 952: Boomerang: Ensure only a single beacon is being sent at once
  • Issue 955: Akamai: When AutoXHR instrument_xhr is set, exclude Mapping XHR from the XHR monitor
  • Issue 959: IFrameDelay: Gracefully handle different load orders