Contains filtering parameters wrapped in an array, URL-encoded, and passed in with GET requests using the filterParams query parameter.

Sample non-encoded parameter value, expanded:

        "condition": "in",
        "id": 78,
        "type": "dimension",
        "values": [
        "condition": "gt",
        "id": 128,
        "type": "metric",
        "values": [
conditionEnumerationCondition specifier. For dimensions: in, nin (in or not in), contains, ncontains (does or doesn't contain), starts, nstarts (does or doesn't start with), ends, nends (does or doesn't end with). For metrics: eq, neq (equal or not), gt (greater than), gte (greater than or equal), lt (less than), lte (less than or equal).
idIntegerIdentifies each dimension or metric filtering entity.
typeEnumerationSpecifies whether the provided id parameter is a dimension or a metric.
valuesArrayList of values used to filter the result. Values represent either inclusions or exclusions, depending on what the condition parameter specifies. Use the two-character country code to filter Media Analytics data by location. To get the list of country codes, go to Control Center. Download a CSV mapping from Support ⇒ User and Developer Guides ⇒ EdgeScape ⇒ Data Codes ⇒ Country Code.