This section provides details on the API's various URL resources and the methods and parameters you use to call them.

Below is a road map of all the conceptual objects you deal with when interacting with the Media Analytics API:

  • QoS Monitor: Real-time reports on the true quality of video streaming experienced by your audience.

  • Audience Analytics: Historical reports on audience engagement with your content over websites, mobile devices, and other connected devices.

  • Report pack: A set of data stores that include dimensions and metrics of interest aggregated over time.

  • Report: Dimensions and metrics combined together to provide in-depth information on gathered data.

  • Data store: A database that hosts a collection of dimensions and metrics for use in creating a report. Data store details help you determine the combination of dimensions and metrics to query. Each report pack comes with standard data stores. You can't combine dimensions and metrics across data stores.

  • Data source: A data source is a collection of raw log data consisting of detailed information for each end-user access attempt made to your digital property.

  • Dimensions: Dimensions in a data store are categorized in three information deriving levels: viewer, visit and play. Title, device, and city are some examples of dimensions.

  • Metrics: A metric is a parameter used to measure dimensions. Startup time, availability, connection speed, and audience size are some examples of metrics.