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‚ÄčAkamai‚Äč will discontinue Media Analytics on August 25, 2023. In our efforts to stay focused and innovative, we will be retiring Media Analytics products. ‚ÄčAkamai‚Äč will not offer the Media Analytics or any alternative solutions going forward. Please reach out to your account team regarding preferred partners.

Around the world, viewers are consuming more and more digital video content on laptops, mobile phones, tablets, gaming consoles, and connected televisions. As a server of such content, you need to learn about your digital audience to better understand audience behavior and consumption patterns, so you can act on these insights to grow your business. There are three key dimensions that impact your audience: content, packaging, and quality. A deep understanding of what drives viewer engagement can help you determine how content should be produced, packaged, monetized, and delivered to ensure maximum audience engagement.

‚ÄčAkamai‚Äč Media Analytics is a comprehensive software as a service (SaaS) video analytics solution designed to highlight key drivers of audience behavior and power digital media business decisions. Media Analytics solution‚Äôs three modules, Audience Analytics, Quality of Service (QoS) Monitor, and Viewer Diagnostics, can be used to gain a complete view of your digital audience, with regards to the place, time, and manner in which they are watching content.

  • Audience Analytics. This provides information on quality, content types, and audience, and is designed to show trends in viewing habits.

  • QoS Monitor. This is designed to provide real-time visibility into the true quality of video streaming that the audience is experiencing.

  • Viewer Diagnostics. This provides a complete view of your digital audience, including the time, place, and how they are watching content.

Media Analytics data is completely customizable to your business and results are available in near real-time (for live events), through high-performance, easy-to-read and customizable dashboards.


Media Analytics provides a variety of business benefits:

  • Total Audience Awareness. Media consumption of all kinds of viewers is captured, regardless of whether they watch it on an iPad or click through to a website. Media Analytics can be used in a number of playback environments so you can track your entire digital audience. It's available for use with a variety of devices and it's compatible with multiple formats and operating systems:

    • Adobe Flash
    • Android
    • HTML5
    • iOS and tvOS
    • Microsoft Silverlight
  • Increased Audience Engagement and Satisfaction. Media Analytics tracks in-depth audience engagement, content usage, and quality metrics to identify and resolve any barriers that may affect your consumers.

  • Growth in Audience. Media Analytics helps you accomplish your media and marketing goals by providing you with accurate and comprehensive data, tailored for your business. Its dashboards highlight key trends and show a correlation between quality and engagement to help you to make quick, informed decisions.

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