Standard dimensions

Media Analytics provides a number of standard dimensions that are based on data that the system inherently gathers from log data and ​Akamai​'s EdgeScape service.

Dimension information levels

Before you apply dimensions, you should understand how dimension levels are applied in Media Analytics.

  • Viewer level. These dimensions refer to a viewer's current session and all future sessions. Dimensions at the viewer level are also available with Visit and Play metrics, whereas metrics at the viewer level are available only with viewer level dimensions. You will have to restrict the number of distinct values per dimension to 5000000.

  • Visit level. These dimensions refer to viewer playback activity in a certain duration with one or more titles played during a visit. They can also be used with Play metrics.

  • Play level. These dimensions refer to a single title playback event. Attempts to play back video that resulted in errors are also included. These dimensions can only be used with Play level metrics.

The dimensions

The following standard dimensions are supported:

ASNUMAutonomous System Number. This identifies the internet network.
CDNContent Distribution Network. This identifies the CDN used to deliver the content. For example, <>.
Connection SpeedThe internet connection speed of the viewer.

Available values are:

  • 1 to 55 Kbps: BW = 1

  • 56 to 255 Kbps: BW = 56

  • 256 to 999 Kbps: BW = 256

  • 1000 to 1999 Kbps: BW = 1000

  • 2000 to 4999 Kbps: BW = 2000

  • 5000 Kbps+ : BW = 5000

Connection TypeThe internet connection type. For example, Wi-Fi or cellular.
DMADesignated Market Area.
Day of weekDay as per the time zone specified in the Analyzer.
Delivery TypeThe manner in which media is delivered to the viewer. Available values are:
  • On Demand

  • Live

Effective Bitrate BucketsThe number of bits rendered on the player. Effective bitrate quantifies the quality of end-user experience.
Event NameName of the event.
Event URLStream URL.
FormatThe format in which the media is delivered.

Available values are:

  • WMS

  • Flash

  • Progressive Download

GeographyViewer location. Available granularities are:
  • Continent

  • Region

  • Country

  • City (available for the US and Canada only)

TimeTime as per the time zone specified in the Analyzer.
RefererURL of the webpage that refers to the requested media.
User AgentBrowsers, Mobile Devices, Set-top Boxes, and other client applications.
Encoded BitrateThe amount of encoded stream transferred per unit of time.
Error CodeThe code that represents the encountered error.
NetworkThe end-user service provider.
OSThe end-user operating system.
Player TypeAvailable values are:
  • Flash

  • Silverlight

Player VersionFlash/Silverlight player version.
PortPort number used by the server.
ProtocolDelivery Protocol.
Rebuffer events in BucketsThe number of rebuffer events that occur in a specific time frame (bucket).
Rebuffer time BucketsThe total rebuffer time in a specific time frame. Rebuffer time represents the time that the video was buffering instead of playing.
Startup time BucketsTotal startup time observed for sessions that started in a specific time frame.
Stream NameName of stream played.
Stream PositionPercentage of media played.
webpage RefererURL of the webpage that refers to the page in which the video is embedded.