Report pack types

Report packs consist of standard and custom reports for specific events.

A report pack is displayed with its own latency guarantees and comes with its own configuration options, that include customizations, filters, and custom data stores. Data in report packs can vary.

Audience Analytics

Audience Analytics shows you how your audience engages with content. Reports on the PORTAL_NAME_INITIAL help you identify the point at which quality begins to significantly impact behavior. The interface also helps you assess audience threshold in relation to errors, startup time, rebuffering, or bit rate.

Audience Analytics data is available in 12-24 hours of media play. There are multiple subtypes:

  • Audience Analytics. This is the default report pack. Use it for on-demand content. Data for Audience Analytics is available for 13 months.

  • Audience Analytics Events. Select this subtype when you need information for one-time or regular online events that are shorter in length. Summary information for this subtype is available for 2 years while more detailed data is available for 60 days. Event summary information such as audience, quality metrics, and ad information is provided at an aggregation granularity of 1 minute.

QoS Monitor

This feature provides real-time quality of service monitoring and includes metrics such as audience engagement, availability, startup time, rebuffering, and bit rate. You can drill down to the metrics in real time and isolate issues to a specific geography, network, format, or the connection speed of end users, to find a solution. You can also set notifications that detect and report unexpected quality issues. Quality metrics are available by various dimensions and you can sort metrics based on title or event name, or the category of the content.


If you think you'll have more than 100K events playing at the same time, contact your ​Akamai​ representative for additional assistance.

Server Side Analytics

Server Side Analytics is useful if you use streaming and HTTP-based delivery services for audio and video content, but can't integrate with the media plug-in. Server Side Analytics is available for Progressive Downloads, Flash, and WMS streaming.