Connect your images

To connect your images to Image and Video Manager, you must create an Image and Video Manager rule for the appropriate property. Rules include match criteria and behaviors. If a request fulfills the conditions in the match criteria, the behavior in the rule is applied.

Create the rule

  1. Log in to ​Akamai Control Center​.

  2. Go to > CDN > Properties.

  3. Click the property to which you want to add the Image and Video Manager rule.

  4. On the property details page, click the version of the property configuration you want to edit.

  5. Click Add Rule in the Property Configuration Settings section.

  6. Search for and select Image and Video Manager (Images) in the list of available rules.

  7. Click Insert Rule.

Specify the match criteria

In the Criteria section, create an If statement by:

  • Selecting File Extension from the first list
  • Selecting is one of from the second list
  • Selecting all of the required file extensions for your images

Add the behavior

  1. Click Add Behavior.

  2. Search for and select Image and Video Manager (Images) in the list of available behaviors.

  3. Click Insert Behavior.

  4. Configure the behavior settings as indicated in the following table.

EnableToggle On to allow Image and Video Manager to apply optimization settings to your images and to generate the API keys.
Scale for MobileToggle On to let the Image and Video Manager algorithms pick the best derivative image width for the requesting device's screen size and resolution.
Use Best File TypeToggle On to automatically convert images to the best file type for the requesting device. This results in the smallest file size that retains image quality, based on the user agent and the original pristine image.
RegionChoose the location closest to your website's heaviest traffic. If this varies, choose United States.
Pristine Images CP CodeSelect the CP code to track image traffic between IM and your origin.
Derivative Images CP CodeSelect the CP code to track traffic serving derivative images to end users.
Apply Existing Policy SetToggle to No to automatically create a new policy set to associate with this property.
Policy Set TypeToggle to Standard to use the standard policy set name, which is based on your property name.
Policy Set Name (API Key)Note this name and record it somewhere you can find it later. This name associates a set of Image and Video Manager policies with this instance of the Image and Video Manager (Images) behavior.
  1. Click Save.