Configure your video policy

A video policy contains configurable settings to automate:

  • Video optimizations such as derivative video quality and derivative video resolution

  • A placeholder video that plays while the requested video video loads

There are two ways to create a new video policy:

  • By toggling Apply Existing Policy Set to No in the Image and Video Manager (Videos) behavior in the Image and Video Manager (Videos) rule. This results in the automatic creation of a new policy set with a default policy.

  • By logging in to ​Akamai Control Center​, navigating to > CDN > Image and Video Manager, and using the Policy Manager tools.

In this tutorial, you will edit the default policy that was already created when you created your rule. You will configure video optimization settings and saving your policy.

Open your policy in Video Policy Editor


New Policy Manager UI

These instructions reflect the new beta version of Policy Manager. If you are using the original version, some things may have changed. To try the new beta, click Switch to BETA.

  1. In ​Akamai Control Center​, go to > CDN > Image and Video Manager.

    Image and Video Manager opens to the Policy Manager page.

  2. Select the correct Contract from the list.

  3. Expand the policy set that was created when you saved your rule.

  4. Open the Actions menu for the default policy and select View/Edit policy on staging.

    The Video Policy Editor appears.

Configure your optimization settings

Configure Image and Video Manager to optimize your videos based on your video quality and breakpoint tolerances. For more information about video optimization settings, see Optimize your videos.

  1. Select a fixed Quality for your videos. You choices range from High to Low. For the purposes of this tutorial, select Medium. This reduces video file size while delivering medium visual quality.

  2. Select 1280x720 pixels as the Derivative Video Resolution. Dervative videos will play at medium resolution.

Save and test your policy

  1. Click Save and Test on Staging.

    You are now ready to test your policy's impact on your actual videos in the staging environment.