Create a new policy

Policies belong to policy sets.

Policy sets are created in one of two ways:

  • Automatically, when Apply Existing Policy Set is set to No in the Image and Video Manager behavior that you added to your Image and Video Manager rule.
  • Manually, via the Policy Manager page of the Image and Video Manager application.

A default policy is automatically created within each policy set. Additional custom policies can also be created within the policy set. See Create and edit policies for more information about default and custom policies.

The following instructions guide you through the process of creating a new policy within an existing policy set via Policy Manager.

How to:


New Policy Manager UI

These instructions reflect the new beta version of Policy Manager. If you are using the original version, some things may have changed. To try the new beta, click Switch to BETA.

  1. In ​Akamai Control Center​, go to > CDN > Image and Video Manager.

    Image and Video Manager opens to the Policy Manager page.

  2. Select the correct Contract from the list.

  3. Click +Create and select Policy from the list that appears.

  4. To create your new policy:

    • Select the policy set to which you wish to add the new policy
    • Give your new policy a name, for example, "Rotate"
    • Click Create
  5. The Policy Editor appears.

  6. Once you are finished configuring your settings, click Save and Test on Staging.