This lists all conceptual objects that you deal with when interacting with the IoT Edge Connect API.

  • Namespace. A globally reserved name that indicates a specific configuration. A namespace is a root path for all topics defined within a namespace configuration. It may indicate up to seven separate configurations, one active configuration per each jurisdiction.

  • Jurisdiction. A geographically distributed group of servers that the namespace configuration applies to. Each jurisdiction is a separate subset of the Akamai Platform with its own processing, data, and configuration.

  • Configuration. A configuration associated with a specific namespace and jurisdiction. Each configuration includes a list of topic filters and security rules specifying authorization groups that can publish and subscribe to the referenced topics.

  • Version. A version of a configuration created for a specific namespace and jurisdiction.

  • Activation. A version of a configuration created for a specific namespace and jurisdiction and sent to the Akamai Platform.

  • Topic. A UTF-8 string that represents an ordered collection of messages in an IoT data stream. It's similar to a hierarchy of folders and files in a file system. A topic level slash (/) separates each level within a topic tree and provides a hierarchical structure to a topic.

  • Topic filter. A path to a topic name that IoT Edge Connect uses to filter messages for all connected users and devices. It's either an absolute path to one topic or a wildcarded path to one or more topics.

  • ACL. A list of permissions attached to a topic. It consists of a topic filter and authorization groups specifying which groups of users and devices can publish and subscribe to the topic.