Set up a namespace configuration

Each namespace has 4 jurisdictions, North America, European Union, Japan and India. Each of them needs to be configured separately. You need to configure only jurisdictions you will be using. Within a configuration you need to specify topics, access control lists (ACL), and groups of publishers, and subscribers that are authorized to publish or subscribe to topics.

  1. Go to ‚ėį > IOT SOLUTIONS > Publish-subscribe service.

  2. On the IoT Edge Connect page, expand a namespace from the list of reserved namespaces.

  3. Next to the appropriate jurisdiction, click Manage.

    Choose a jurisdiction that corresponds to the location that your customers are in.

  4. Set an access control list by clicking Add ACL.

  5. Enter an absolute or wildcarded topic filter.

    Learn more about topic filters.

  6. In Pubs, enter the names of the user groups authorized to publish messages to this topic.

  7. In Subs, enter the names of the user groups authorized to subscribe to this topic.

  8. Click Save.

  9. On the Activation tab, click Activate new version.

    This activates the current configuration on the Configuration tab.


If you want to roll back to a previous configuration, go to the Activation tab and click Rollback to version <old version number>. Clicking the version number opens a version preview, outlining the configuration of the particular version in a JSON format.