Monitor data format

Each connection, both successful and unsuccessful, is logged and stored in a predefined format. One message may include one or many records. In case of bulk records, they are separated with a , sign.


  • Message revision
    The type of message and its version. For connection monitoring messages the value is 1a.


The message type and its version may change in the future.

  • Server IP
    IP address of the reporting server.


In case of a broker server reporting an error, the value of Server IP is FE.

  • Timestamp
    Unix UTC timestamp of the connection attempt.

  • Client ID
    Client ID retrieved during connection.

  • Error code
    For a detailed explanation of each error code and troubleshooting suggestions, see Logs and troubleshooting.


If the connection was successful, the error code value is 00.

  • Additional data (optional)
    For some errors the additional data may be logged to help you with a troubleshooting.



On Tue Mar 26 15:30:19 UTC 2019 a client with ID userpub successfully connected via server


On Tue Mar 26 15:31:45 UTC 2019 a client with ID userpub-0913 failed to connect via server due to a DCP Client ID mismatch. Additional information shows that the client ID sent in the JWT or client certificate was userpub-0913ttt.


Batched logs, representing two unsuccessful connection attempts.