Check your configuration

On the Analyzer tab of the configuration, you can perform several checks to make sure that your property is configured correctly. The checks will be available if the property is active.

  1. Go to > IOT SOLUTIONS > Publish-subscribe service.

  2. On the IoT Edge Connect page, expand a namespace from the list of reserved namespaces.

  3. Next to the appropriate jurisdiction, click Manage.

    Choose a jurisdiction that corresponds to the location that your customers are in.

  4. Go to the Connection tab.

  5. Review the Status column in the Propagation status of connection policy files table.

  6. On the Debugger tab click either Configure off-line check or Configure on-line check.

    To run the off-line checks, you must provide the name of the property that you want to check. To run the on-line checks, provide the property name, the topic name, and your authorization details.