Access reports

A set of IoT EC-related reports are available in ​Control Center. Each report lets you display data according to selected filters (for example, CP codes).

You can specify a date range for the data that appears in each report. By default, the first time you access a report in your account, the report displays data for the current day. When you change the date range, the system remembers your configuration and ties it to your account ID. The next time you access the report with your account, the report displays data for the last configured date range.

You can access the reports through ​Akamai​ ​Control Center​.

  1. Go to ☰ > COMMON SERVICES > Traffic reports.

  2. From the Report drop-down list, select the dashboard you want to access:

    • IoT EC Connections Dashboard
    • IoT EC Traffic Dashboard
    • IoT EC Connection Monitoring

Each report displays different metrics and lets you select various filters. For details on report metrics and filters, see the Reporting Help in Control Center.