In this API, you can dynamically configure endpoint path URLs and adjust them to specific use cases. For instance, you can map URLs when a device is already configured to use a specific path.

For the default configuration, the base for every path consists of a hostname and a /datastore segment. Your hostname, for instance, might be You can check the hostnames on your account by running the List edge hostnames operation in the Edge Hostnames API.

The endpoint paths depend on the database and data set location parameters you set in the Message Store database and Message Store data set selection behaviors.

You can match these behaviors to filter requests using PCRE-style regular expressions. For this, you can use rule templates for custom path configuration such as Message Store Upload in Property Manager or the Property Manager API.

If you choose to pass both the database and data set names in your request's headers, as in the default configuration, the endpoint HTTP path for the Get an object operation follows the {hostname}/datastore/{key} format. Choosing query string parameters as the location for passing database and data set names requires the {database} and {dataset} names as query parameters in the endpoint path, as in {hostname}/datastore/{key}?database={database}&dataset={dataset}. See the API summary for default operation paths.

Consider these examples with sample values:

  • as the hostname
  • AAX.dat as the object key
  • db1 and ds1 as the database and dataset names
Message Store database locationMessage Store data set locationEndpoint path formatEndpoint path example
Query string parameterHeader{hostname}/datastore/{key}?database={database}
HeaderQuery string parameter{hostname}/datastore/{key}?dataset={dataset}
Query string parameterQuery string parameter{hostname}/datastore/{key}?database={database}&dataset={dataset}

If the path in your request doesn't match your property configuration, the default database you chose in the Message Store database and Message Store data set selection behaviors overrides it.