You can use this API to bulk upload objects to a datastore in compressed ZIP files using the Upload bulk objects operation. After the upload is processed and the ZIP file unpacked, the file's path in the ZIP folder becomes the key, and the file its value.

When you add headers to the uploaded ZIP file, such as Content-Type, ETag, Expires or any valid custom tags, they are assigned to every object after unpacking.

The process of uploading and unpacking ZIP files into objects in the datastore is asynchronous. To check the bulk upload status, you need the upload request ID from the Upload bulk objects response header.

Follow these steps to check the bulk upload status:

  1. Upload bulk objects to retrieve the X-Akamai-IEC-RequestId header from the response.

  2. Use the header value as the requestId to run the Check bulk upload status operation. The SUCCEEDED status value means the ZIP file has been unpacked and processed, and the objects are now stored in the data set.

The API responds with these upload status values:

  • INITIALIZED. The ZIP file is being processed.

  • SUCCEEDED. The ZIP file has been processed and unpacked. The upload is complete.

  • FAILED. The ZIP file processing has failed.

  • RETRIED. The ZIP file is being processed again after an upload failure.