To understand this API's various URL resources and the data it exchanges, familiarize yourself with these concepts:

  • Property. A property, also referred to as a configuration, controls how edge servers respond to various kinds of requests to your assets. Properties apply rules to a set of hostnames, and you can only apply one property at a time to any given hostname. Each property is assigned to a product, which determines which rule behaviors you can use. You can manage properties from Property Manager or the Property Manager API.

  • Database. A top-level storage unit that can contain one or more data sets. Each property can have several databases.

  • Data set. A storage unit associated with a database. It stores a collection of key-value objects. Each database within a property can include several data sets.

  • Object or Message. A key-value object stored in a data set. Within a message, a key serves as a unique identifier to get the value. The matching value can be any type of data, such as a file, an image, or a document.