IoT Edge Connect Message Store will be decommissioned on August 31, 2024.

The IoT Edge Connect Message Store API provides an HTTP mechanism to upload, download, and manage your content in a secure, key-value data store service.

In key-value data stores, also known as data sets, you can represent an object by an arbitrary string such as a filename or a hash. The matching value can be any type of data, such as files, images, or documents.

Use this functionality to upload and manage content, and then easily download it to a device. For instance, you can upload map tiles, documents, or firmware updates that you can later access and download to a vehicle head unit.

This service runs on the globally scalable Akamai Intelligent Platform. It offers on-demand capacity and global geographical replication with reliable server mapping and routing technology.

Designed for constant availability, the IoT Message Store API offers many essential features lacking in today's cloud-based storage solutions, all without investing in and maintaining dedicated storage servers.

Use this API to upload, access, and manage objects in your key-value data store. You can simply upload objects up to 4 GB to a designated data set, get the contents or metadata of objects, and remove objects from the data store.

The platform replicates the content across edge servers for reliability.

This API corresponds to the Edge Connect Message Store application that you can use for data store configuration and management.