List objects

In the Edge Connect Message store application, you can view all objects stored in a data set. List objects to check how many are there in a data set, their size in total, and the size of each object that you can look up by its name. To switch between data sets, you need to click the name of the data set you want to check from the left-hand side menu.

To list the objects stored in the data set, you have to create a database and a data set first. See Create a database and Create a data set.

Make sure you have already uploaded at least one object to a data set. See Upload an object.

  1. In ‚ÄčControl Center‚Äč, go to ‚ėį > IOT SOLUTIONS > Publish-subscribe service > IoT Edge Connect Message Store.
  2. Click the name of the database you want to list objects for.
  3. Click the name of the data set you want to list objects for.
    All files in your data set appear in the Dataset files tab.
    The list includes the names of the objects and their size.

Now you can take other actions, such as deleting an object or deleting all objects from a data set. See Delete objects.