Create a data set

After creating a database, the next step to configure IoT Edge Connect Message Store is creating a data set.

A data set is a storage unit associated with a database. It stores a collection of key-value objects. Each database within a property can include several data sets.

To create a data set, first you need to create a database for your property hostname. Both are required to configure your property and let you fully use the product. If you haven’t created a database yet, see Create a database.

  1. In ​Control Center​, go to > IOT SOLUTIONS > Publish-subscribe service > IoT Edge Connect Message Store.
  2. From the Databases list, click the name of the database you want to create a data set for.


You can also expand the database list by clicking expand-icon.

  1. Within the database, click Create dataset.
  2. In the text field, enter the name for the data set you want to create.
  3. Press Enter or click plus-icon.
    The data set appears on the list.

Now you're ready to configure your ECMS property in Property Manager. See Configure ECMS in a property.