Front-End Optimization & Ion

Front-End Optimization (FEO) provides a suite of website performance enhancements that accelerate page rendering and reduce download times. By organizing your web resources into content groups, you can fine-tune which optimization methods to use on what types of content.

Some features are decommissioned

These FEO features and settings have been decommissioned as of March 2021:

  • Cellular Connection Keep-Alive
  • Critical CSS for Mobile
  • Invoke Click On-Touch
  • JavaScript Pre-Execution
  • Page Prefetching
  • Optimize Images > Responsive Images
  • Resource Prefetching

If you had these features enabled in your FEO configuration, their optimizations no longer apply. Talk to your ‚ÄčAkamai‚Äč account team about possible alternatives.

How it works

FEO is unique to Ion and you need to add its specific behavior to your Ion property to enable it. However, FEO has its own configurations and you create one using FEO’s Configuration Manager.

Learn more in the FEO user docs

For details on setting up an FEO configuration, have a look at its user guide.

Known issues

Adaptive Acceleration

Overall compatibility

If you're using FEO and want to apply Adaptive Acceleration, you can only use these features in FEO:

  • On-Demand Image Loading.
  • Asynchronous JavaScript.
  • Critical CSS.

FEO and Brotli Compression

You can optionally add this advanced form of compression with Adaptive Acceleration. If you're using any aspect of FEO, this compression *may not be applied* to a request. If this incompatibility is discovered, gzip or uncompressed resources are served instead.

Image and Video Manager

These FEO optimizations are not compatible with Image and Video Manager:

  • Optimize Images.
  • Optimize CSS: Image Compression.
  • Optimize CSS: Use Web Resolution.