Zero Trust report

Check out the documentation for other reports available in the Infection Monkey.

The Guardicore Infection Monkey runs different tests to evaluate your network's adherence to the Zero Trust framework's key components established by Forrester, such as whether you have applied segmentation, verified user identities, enabled encryption, and more. Then, the Infection Monkey generates a status report with detailed explanations of security gaps and prescriptive instructions for rectifying them.

Watch the overview video here:


This diagram provides you with a quick glance at how your organization scores on each pillar of the Forrester Zero Trust model with Failed, Verify, Passed and Unexecuted verdicts.

  • Failed: At least one of the tests related to this component failed. This means that the Infection Monkey detected an unmet Zero Trust requirement.
  • Verify: At least one of the tests' results related to this component requires further manual verification.
  • Passed: All Tests related to this pillar passed. No violation of a Zero Trust guiding principle was detected.
  • Unexecuted: This status means no tests were executed for this pillar.

Test results

This section shows how your network fared against each of the tests the Infection Monkey ran. The tests are ordered by the Zero Trust pillar, so you can quickly navigate to the category you want to prioritize.


This section shows each test's details, including the explicit events and exact timestamps for the activities that took place in your network. This enables you to compare results with your SOC logs and alerts to gain more in-depth insights.


Your results are exportable. Click Export after clicking Events to view them in a machine-readable format.