Adding Zero Trust tests

Assuming the Infection Monkey Agent is already sending the relevant telemetry, you'll need to add the test in two places.

In the file /monkey/common/data/

  1. Add the test name to the TESTS set
  2. Add a relevant recommendation if it exists
  3. Add the test to the TESTS_MAP dict. Ensure that all statuses (except STATUS_UNEXECUTED) have finding explanations.


Find the relevant telemetry type you wish to test the finding in next. These can be found in /monkey/monkey_island/cc/services/telemetry/ In the relevant process_*_telemetry function, add your Zero Trust testing code. Please put the Zero Trust tests under the /monkey/monkey_island/cc/services/telemetry/zero_trust_tests directory. There you can also find examples of existing tests as well, so you'll have a reference for what you need to write.

Testing the new Zero Trust test

Test ALL possible finding statuses you've defined in a fake network. Ensure the events were formatted correctly by observing them. If there's an algorithmic part to your Zero Trust test, please cover it using a Unit Test.