Sep 27, 2022 — Decommission Webhooks v2 and the Export Service

Akamai maintains a commitment to ongoing innovation and delivering the best viable solutions over the Akamai Intelligent Platform. As a part of the commitment to innovate, it is necessary to manage the lifecycle of each product, including retiring products based on customer adoption, market demands, and technology trends.

This message is to inform you that Akamai Identity Cloud will decommission 2 legacy services: Webhooks v2 and Export Service. We are reaching out to notify you of this upcoming event and to help you put into place a plan to migrate to the upgraded version of each of these services prior to the decommission date of September 30th 2023. After this date, the legacy services will no longer be available.

See the following guides for instructions on configuring and enabling the newer services:

Note the newer versions of both services are self-configurable, however you will need to engage with Akamai to help provide visibility into your existing service and to turn it off.

Akamai recognizes that this decommission announcement may result in unplanned effort on your end. The Akamai team is committed to working with you to help make this transition as seamless as possible. Please let us know your concerns, if any.