Work with GTM reports

GTM reports retrieve information from live data feeds throughout the extensive global network of servers to provide real time and historical reporting about web site traffic served by ​Akamai​.

Configure GTM reports

You can use this procedure to set up GTM reports.

  1. Log in to ​Control Center​ and go to > COMMON SERVICES > Traffic reports > Traffic.


Reports are available based on the services you use and your permissions in Control Center.

  1. From the Report Traffic menu, scroll down to the list of GTM reports and select a report from these options.

    • GTM report. The GTM report provides traffic data for a domain and its properties and datacenters.

    • GTM Availability report. The GTM Availability report tracks availability (uptime) for the Global Traffic Management service.

    • GTM DataCenter report. The GTM DataCenter report provides traffic data for a domain and data center and its properties.

    • GTM Error Property report. The GTM Error Property report provides an error count for a domain and property and a list of error events.

    • GTM Property report. The GTM Property report provides traffic data, liveness, demand, and load feedback by traffic target.

  2. In the report page, open the left filter panel and make selections to refine the report data.

Schedule report delivery

After you've configured a report, you can schedule it for email delivery. Select filters and view the report in the browser before scheduling it for delivery.

  1. In the browser, open the report you want to schedule for delivery.

  2. Click the graph icon and select Schedule/Send now.

    You see non-editable details for the chosen report.

  3. In the Report Name field, enter the report name.

    The name defaults to the metric for the report, but you can edit it.

  4. Enter one or more email addresses for the report recipients. Separate emails with commas, no spaces.

  5. Select one of the available frequencies of delivery.

    • Once

    • Daily

    • Weekly

    • Monthly

  6. If you selected a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly frequency, select a date range.

  7. Select one of the following formats.

    • HTML

    • CSV

  8. From the Visualizations menu, select charts that you want to be included.

  9. Click Apply.

Configure GTM service availability report

The GTM - Availability (Service Level) report tracks availability (that is, uptime) for the GTM service to provide a useful indication when additional testing for availability might be appropriate.

Use this procedure to access the report.


  2. Click Traffic Reports on the ​Akamai Control Center​ main menu, under Common Services.

  3. Select GTM - Availability (Service Level) from the Report menu.

  4. Open the Filter panel by clicking the filter icon.

  5. From the Filter panel, select the desired active contract, and click Apply.

The report displays availability during the set time frame as a percentage of time that the GTM authoritative name servers answer queries. The report includes this information.

  • Availability by Time. Updates every five minutes. When viewing the report over longer time frames, availability can summarize across wider intervals (for example, every hour).

  • Service Summary. Includes Average, Max, and Min Availability for the set time frame.