Configure local DNS servers

If your organization uses an enterprise DNS resolver to resolve local domains and this server is not recursive, you can configure it as a local DNS server for DNS Forwarder. With this configuration, the DNS Server that you configured for Security Connector becomes a fallback recursive resolver in case ‚ÄčSIA‚Äč is not reachable.

When you configure a local DNS server for DNS Forwarder, you can then configure the ‚ÄčSIA‚Äč DNS Server IP addresses as the DNS server in Security Connector.

To configure local DNS servers:

  1. In the Security Connector main menu, press 6 or use the arrow keys to select Manage DNS Forwarder and press Enter.

  2. In the menu that appears, press 6 or if necessary, use the arrow keys to select Configure Local DNS Server and press Enter.

  3. Press C to continue.

  4. If there are local DNS servers configured, they are shown. Press C to continue and edit the local DNS server configuration.

  5. In the DNS entry, enter the IP address of the DNS server and press Enter.

  6. To enter more IP addresses, enter the IP address into the provided field and press Enter. You can enter up to three IP addresses. If you don't want to provide anymore values, enter D for done and press Enter.

  7. Enter y and press Enter to confirm the change.

  8. After the change is applied, press any key to return to the DNS forwarder menu.